Solar Panel Installation Roof Cairns

Hi, welcome to my site. I am a locally employed solar panel installer born and bred in Cairns. I have close ties with a large importer of solar power equipment and I believe I can get you the best prices in town. With a locally backed warranty and cyclone rated equipment you shouldnt have a problem. I have been installing solar power equipment in and around Cairns and also install in regional areas for an extra cost. I have collected some information for you on this site. You can read about solar panel technologies, inverters and usage meters. The Australian government has an installation rebate program and electricity bill rebate in place which you can take advantage of. Many of the homes I have installed systems at are actually receiving a credit each month from Ergon Energy. Though most of my customers are happy to halve their bills. Of course, the more panels you install the more you get in return. I am happy to answer any questions or give you some advice. I can also come around to provide you with an installation quote. So, please feel free to contact me.

Solar Panels

Solar panels, these are the things that turn sunlight into electricity! There is a youtube video on the right with technical details of how solar panels work.

You are in good hands here. I have sourced the best quality solar panels at a reasonable price. Other companies that are not situated in Cairns do not provide the service and equipment I do. This includes cyclone rated equipment, installations and a 20 year warranty. Just ask yourself, how is a company down south going to help me if my solar equipment is faulty?.

In the gallery below you can see an example of 1kW, 1.5kW, 2kW, 4kW and a 5kW system.


Solar Power Inverters Cairns

I bet you are wondering what this red box does! Well its quite simple. Its an inverter which takes the DC current it receives from the solar panels and changes it into an AC current which is usable for home electricity consumption.

After we have discussed how many solar panels you would like installed it is up to you to decide whether you want your inverter inside or out. On the left you can see an indoor 5kW inverter and on the right is an outdoor 2kW inverter inside a waterproof wall mounted box.

It's always good idea to get a larger inverter than needed for your solar panels. If, in the future you would like to upgrade your system you have two choices, either add another inverter or replace the current one. Its your choice. Using a larger inverter from the first installion gives you the option to easily add more panels without having to upgrade your inverter or add another.

Digital Usage Meter Display

Electricty Meters Digital and Analog Ergon

Ok, you might not know it, but currently you probably have a analog usage meter installed in your home. It resembles a little silver disk spinning around and around counting how much electricity you use. This technology is apart of what can be called a dumb grid. It gives Ergon no remote signals indicating how much electricity you are using and at what times you are using more or less.

In order to be funded for electricity generated by your newly installed solar power system you are going to have to have a digital meter. This is the way of the future and is a part of what makes a smart grid. This basically means electricity around the grid can be measured for efficiency purposes.

Good news! Ergon will replace your old analog system with a new digital system at no charge! This will enable them to measure your generation and usage in detail.

Government Installation Rebate

Queensland Government Renewable Energy Certificates Rebate

Installing a solar power system in your home is a green initiative and good for the environment. The government rebates some costs of the installation to solar companies, which helps lower the price of getting solar installed. I have found that at the moment the sweet spot is a 6kW system, that is what most people are having installed. The prices have come down so much recently, its something you should can't afford to not have it installed.

Ergon Energy Power Usage Rebate

Ergon Energy Electricity Bill Rebates

Ergon currently has a feed in tariff of 7.448 cents per kWh. Contact me and I can give you advice about how many solar panels you would need to wipe out your power bill and get credit.






Pricing for panels, inverters, meters and labor

Solar Power Panels Prices

These are my prices. They do change and there are conditions, so be sure to contact me for an up to date quote.

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